Sperm Donors


The gift of family is the best gift
you can give someone.

Sperm donors at Mexico Fertility Center are highly educated, professional men that come from a variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We work hard to ensure that our donors are the best of the best!

This is why we adhere to a strict screening process for personal health, family medical history, physical characteristics and education. At Mexico Fertility Center, we strive to provide our donor recipients with a selection of the highest-quality donors to provide peace of mind and the best chance for a successful pregnancy.

Prospective donors must meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18 – 40
  • College graduate or current college student
  • In good health
  • Sexual partners are exclusively female
  • No family history of genetic disease
  • No prior intravenous drug use
  • No travel to countries where large numbers of AIDS cases have been reported

Once a potential donor meets our basic requirements, they must then undergo a rigorous screening process to ultimately qualify for our program. Potential donors will be expected to fill out questionnaires, participate in interviews and submit physical exams and screenings for diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases. Multiple semen evaluations will also be conducted throughout the qualification process.

At Mexico Fertility Center, only donors who meet our high standards are accepted into our donor program.

For more information about becoming a sperm donor,
please contact us from the U.S. at

(760) 595-5421

or via email at spermdonor@mexicofertilitycenter.com.