International Patients


Mexico Fertility Center understands the needs of international patients. We’ve had lots of practice.

Our location on the U.S/Mexico border makes us the closest international fertility center to the mainland United States. What makes Mexico Fertility Center such a popular choice for couples is our affordable pricing.  Our pricing is often 50% to 70% less than the same fertility procedures in the U.S. with success rates that are far higher than the national average in the U.S.

The simple truth is that many couples around the world need medical help to conceive. Many believe that the U.S is their only option for world class fertility treatments. But Mexico Fertility Center is changing the way many Americans, Canadians and Europeans look at fertility programs.  Our affordable rates and high success ratios have helped scores of couples to conceive using the latest in cutting edge fertility technology.

Many couples come to Mexico Fertility Center only after they have spent most of their savings on unsuccessful fertility programs at home.  We recognize the appeal of receiving fertility treatments at a U.S. fertility program.  However, we invite you to consider the incredible value of receiving your fertility treatments at Mexico Fertility Center, a recognized, respected fertility clinic that can help you save 50% or more on your fertility treatments.  Our close proximity to the U.S., our location in the top private hospital in Northern Mexico and our outstanding team of fertility specialists make Mexico Fertility Center the ideal choice for your fertility treatments.

Our concierge program for our international patients includes:

  • Airport Pickup in San Diego
  • Hotel Reservations at 4 & 5 Star Hotels
  • Spa & Restaurant Assistance
  • Local Transportation
  • Special Sightseeing and Shopping Tours

We want you to relax and savor every moment of this exciting time in your lives.  We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you enjoy your time with us and to help you prepare for your fertility treatments.  Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and embryologists understands the needs of our international couples and is sensitive to the needs of single parents and LGBT patients. Our patients come from diverse backgrounds, and range in age from 20 – 49 years old.  We’ll do our best to find the cause for your infertility and will work to provide a solution that helps you conceive.

We invite you to consider Mexico Fertility Center.
Your Family Starts Here.