Mexico Fertility Center: IVF Fertility Packages

Any medical procedure creates some level of anxiety. In vitro fertilization, like any other type of assisted fertility method, involves expectations. It’s normal for a person to feel nervous about the procedure and the result, especially if they’ve spent a long time trying to conceive without success.

Medical tourism has many advantages. However, because it involves preparation for a trip, it often involves a certain level of stress, especially for people who don’t have much experience traveling or who are going to a foreign country for the first time. Couples seeking fertility treatments should be as relaxed as possible to increase their chances of fertility success.

The fertility pros at Mexico Fertility Center believe that our patients should focus on relaxation and not worrying about scheduling flights, booking hotels, arranging transportation and other travel details. That’s why we have prepared all-inclusive packages that allow future mothers and fathers to forget about all the arrangements because we make them for you. Our packages include:

  • Airport Pickup in San Diego. Fly into San Diego, California from anywhere in the United States, Canada or from anywhere in the world and we’ll pick you up at the San Diego airport and drive you to our facilities.
  • Hotel Reservations. We will accommodate you and your companion in a spacious, attractive double room in a 4- or 5-star hotel in the area. You’ll enjoy stylish accommodations in a safe, clean location with all the amenities you need. Trust us. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation!
  • Spa Assistance. Whether for beauty or relaxation, we have a list of top quality spas that will help you relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Restaurant Assistance. Eating at a restaurant in another country can be a gamble if you don’t know where and what to eat. We’ll guide you to where you can get healthy, nutritious food, as well as information about what dishes are ok and which you should avoid.
  • Local Transportation. You won’t need to play charades with the taxi driver in the hopes of getting him to drive you where you want to go. We’ll arrange local ground transportation for you with reliable drivers.
  • Special Sightseeing and Shopping Tours. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of your “fertility vacation” to do some vacationing. In fact, we encourage it since it will keep your mind occupied and make you feel much more at ease. We’ll help arrange your preferred activities.

We’re committed to serving you and doing whatever we can to make your visit as pleasant and stress free as possible. You can count on the whole team at Mexico Fertility Center to give you both the best possible experience and the best possible opportunity to achieve pregnancy and help you start your family tree.